Who are we?

Nova Ride is an engineering and mechanical company for the cycle created at the end of 2016 by passionate friends during their Mechanical Engineer training cycles.

It is by mixing passions for cycling, mechanics and training that we have come to develop our own components. In collaboration with our engineering school SIGMA-CLERMONT we have carried out development projects in the field of cycling.

In 2016, we therefore embarked on the development, research and development of materials in order to concretely improve our performance. Thus, our first study project was our carbon wheels, essential elements in improving performance.

Our values

The offer of innovative, efficient and accessible services

At Nova Ride, we optimize all our knowledge of mechanical engineering to seek the best performance.

The importance of design

Nova Ride offers you a varied choice of colors for your ceramic pulley wheels

Research & Development

Our products are developed in-house within our design office. Engineers design, test and validate the products of tomorrow. The use of the latest design and calculation software allows us to push the limits of mechanics.

French manufacturing is at the heart of the product. In addition, we make sure to follow the entire creative process of each product, from design to handcraft assembly, checking and shipping which is carried out within our premises in Cournon-d'Auvergne, France (63).

The involvement

Regular triathletes and cyclists, we are at the heart of the concerns that the current world of sport can raise.

A top athlete and a good level in triathlon, training as well as the development and search for performance are not for us a coincidence.

Nova Ride these days

ur products are developed in Auvergne in our design offices. We optimize them using our knowledge of mechanical engineering to develop high-end and reliable products.

They are designed, handcrafted, checked, packaged and shipped directly to our office in France.

The manufacture of our carbon frames and wheels is on hold in order to allow us to focus on two of our products: our ceramic carbon oversized cage and ceramic pulley wheels kit.

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