From design to manufacturing

A few words about making frames

Carbon fiber is a composite material. It is one of the only non-metallic materials commonly used in the manufacture of bicycle frames. Despite its high price, the latter has excellent mechanical qualities. Lightness, rigidity and resistance to corrosion. At Nova Ride, we study each part in order to propose a model that better responds to the mechanical stresses that a frame can undergo.

The Process: The design of a NOVA Carbon Framework contains several essential steps. The geometry, stress calculation and validation of the different tube shapes is done on dedicated software

The Nova frames are then profiled and developed precisely for maximum rigidity on the distribution of forces, while they will be flexible on other sections (for comfort and better traction). The design of Nova carbon fiber frames with variable properties depending on the orientation of the force (anisotropy) cannot be reproduced with ferrous alloys. At Nova ride, we work to offer you the best products, be they wheels, frames and peripheral parts. Design and study is at the heart of our DNA. Our advanced mechanical engineering training pushes us to raise the limits of today's industry. This by offering you the widest range of cycle products.

Our products are developed in Auvergne in our design offices. The manufacturing of carbon parts is subcontracted in our partner factories in Asia, where our molds are located.